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Rosalinda's Kitchen


Feed your Id and taste the pleasure of dining in NDN Grand hotel. Here where every food is serve with pure excellence and love. Made from fresh and authentic local products of Batangas by people who care for every customer's satisfaction- the finest chefs of the town. We assure to provide you the best dining place to enjoy every ingredient of the food we serve- the relaxing ambiance and the warm as the soup approach of every NDN personnel. Every delicacy we serve, from the sweet delicacies, surely appetizing side dishes, and our savoury main courses up to the finest wines are all made with perfection that can guarantee to fulfill the needs and wants of every customer. Do not forget to treat yourself with our special delectables. Taste the natural savour of Taal's Maliputo and the sweet luscious Blueberry Cheesecake. Surely, will make you hungry for more.